Economic growth in the UK and the relationship with the money-lending market

Economic growth in the UK and the relationship with the money-lending market

The growth in the personal loans market, a staggering 30%+ in 2015 alone in the UK, is indicative of the need for easier access to money.  As the cost of living increases, and wages and salaries increase in very slight increments, people are less able to keep up with the financial demands of life, and it has become evident that something needs to shift.

One of the key economic areas where growth carries the most potential is in the small and medium business sectors.

The challenge for business entrepreneurs is getting finance for their business ventures.  The money-lending market and financial institutions consider small businesses to carry the highest risk, because so few small businesses survive beyond the first 5 years of existence.

Ironically, one has to consider that perhaps, if they had access to finance for their businesses, that was not necessarily ‘cheap’ finance, but was ‘patient’ finance, in that the lender was willing to wait a longer term for repayment, this could stabilise this sector, and boost the growth.

One of the key benefits to growth in this sector is that this is the area of the economy most likely to employ more people when it grows.

An increase in the number of people in the working world would, of course, generate more taxes for government, and more income being dispersed back into the economy.

It would seem that this is a simplistic view to take of an economic issue which, of course, has many facets that need to be considered, yet, in these very simplistic terms, it certainly comes across as a way to boost the economy with real results and positive effects in the relative short-term.

Globally, many financial institutions have floundered since the world slump in 2008, and some have even not survived.

For those who were willing to re-invent themselves to a large extent, and re-look at the working population that were on the fringes of having access to borrowed money, and setting new and more accessible parameters, with higher interest rates to mitigate the risks, they have seen exponential growth and substantial increases in profits over a reasonably short period of time.

It has also seen new financial institutions emerging, as the micro-lending sector is less regulated by government, in terms of the interest that can be charged on lent money, so establishing a money-lending company is a viable business option to those who have the funds to do so.

This industry is not without its challenges, but it has support industries that are thriving alongside it because they are key to the success of these companies.  An example of such a support industry would be the Information Technology and Online Security companies.  It is of utmost importance that people borrowing money through the internet know they are doing so safely, without the risk of identity theft or fraud, using their personal information.

So, it would seem that taking a fresh look at ways for small business to borrow money from the loans market in the UK would be conducive to growth and sustainability of the economy for the medium to long term.

How can you Start with Binary Options Trading

Whenever the question of investment arises, it is always better to proceed with caution. It is one of paramount importance to judge the pros and cons of the investment and the kind of planning that goes into it. There are so many different kinds of investment options that it is quite possible to become overwhelmed. Trading in binary options (see can prove to be a very lucrative one if done wisely. There can be a few pitfalls initially, however, a good broker can provide the solution to all these various problems. One can check with the top binary trading brokers to decide which broker they want to work with.

Since there is a good deal of difference between traditional options and binary options, one needs to work out the difference between the payouts, the fees, the risks etc. Binary trading brokers can have the optimum knowledge of these aspects as they are responsible for making some of the best deals of the year. One- touch, range, low- high options and quite a few other options are currently the top trending procedures in the market. However, the risks and rewards for this kind of investment can generally be deciphered beforehand in spite of the market trends.

According to Forbes, it is best not to gamble with binary options, unless of course, one has been in the market long enough to understand the full implications. One of the reasons why investors prefer this kind of trading is that unlike the share market, which can turn just about any decision on its head, one just needs to make two or three well placed decisions to be successful. This can be good for an investor who is taking baby steps into this world. For example, let us take the gold equivalent prices, which rise and fall with international market. Now if an investor wishes to place a binary option trade on the value of gold, there is no need to buy an actual gold bullion. One can simply speculate whether the price of gold will fall or rise in future in a set time period.

So for a novice, the decision rests on a few crucial aspects:

  • To decide what kind of commodity or asset or stock will be best fit for trading
  • To decide on a seasoned broker who knows the ins and outs
  • Choosing the right expiry time, which again might rest on speculations
  • How much profit is the investor looking forward to in a given time period
  • How to increase one’s trading budget in the near future
  • Be able to place trades quickly if an unforeseen and potentially profitable opportunity arises without hesitation

However, the individual broker’s rule should also be kept in mind. It can also affect the binaries when the currencies are different and in such cases only the brokers are able to find out the difference in percentage. It would not be prudent to go ahead without their advice.

Logbook Loans Reviews

Secured loans are easy to apply nowadays and you can also easily pay it off. This is quite beneficial for those who are in need and those with bad debt is that they have a good interest rate and they offer better terms and conditions as well. The people who have their assets used as a collateral and can also be used for their financial needs. The needs, which are financial and linked to money are different and of various kind. They can also be used for your medical needs, school fees, electricity bills and any upcoming events in the future. Your needs never stop and in this process, the loan taking and paying off will also never stops. The logbook loans available online are among the best choice for those who would like to get the loan processes through their own car.

Initially, you need to clear out what a logbook loan is and its availability online. The very first term logbook loan is the kind of loan that can be used by those who have their vehicles. They can also be used for trucks, buses and other types to get this kind of loan. This kind of loan wherein the car will be used as a security for the loanable amount is known as the logbook debt. This type of loan use the car as a collateral. Close the mortgage or home loans, the house is also used as a collateral and then you can get your home back when you pay for the loan amount fully. In this case, this is just the same with the logbook debts. The online term actually means that you can get this kind of loan which can also be through the internet. You can check on the logbook loans reviews to check if this type of loan is meant for your needs.

The logbook loans may be taken through online nowadays, since the internet has become the communication and the transportation means of the modern world. The people may communicate, buy, sell and even shop through the web. The logbook loans may provide you with the benefit of saving your time and additional money that you can spend on the transportation and the apps for the loans whenever you go to the bank. The online lenders have made it very comfy for you. You need to provide the logbook number and the loan on your hands.

Be mindful that the funds will be brought electronically via the internet and then you can have them after a few hours. One of the benefits of the logbook loans online is that you do not need to give your car to the lender. You just need to give the logbook of the car to the lenders and the possession of the car will still be yours. You can only lose the possession of the car when you do not pay for the loan in full amount and the time has expired. The lenders will eventually take your car and have it auctioned to recover for the loss.

Being a Guarantor

The reason guarantor loan work is just in light of the fact that they contain a generally abnormal state security to the moneylenders and this permits them to charge you lower rates of enthusiasm for terrible credit loan. The security is not a conventional resource like a home or an auto yet rather someone else who has great credit, claims a home and is ordinarily somewhere around 23 and 70. The idea implies that the borrower is not tried with a credit check neither does their circumstance influence their support in at any rate. These loans are regularly called occupant credits or an unemployed loan on the grounds that it simply does not make a difference of one scribble what the borrowers’ circumstance is, a guarantor loan is foundered on trust.

To be a guarantor of a credit implies that if the individual you are ensuring does not pay his obligations expeditiously, you get to be mindful. All the time, individuals require a guarantor sooner or later in their lives. This is particularly so if your companion or relative is applying for an unsecured line of credit.

The inquiry now is, can a terrible obligation that you are ensuring, influence your application for your own particular lodging advance? The answer is a reverberating “YES”. You must understand that by assisting your relative and companion as a guarantor, it may have frightful outcomes all alone financial assessment, in the event that he defaults on the credit.

Let’s say your companion or relative is late in their regularly scheduled installment, the same rating is expressed in your credit report. It is in this way critical to know who are you ensuring for, and are you willing to assist them with excursion monetarily for a couple of months on the off chance that they can’t make the installments. That is an imperative inquiry to consider about when somebody requests that you be the guarantor.

It doesn’t make a difference when you tell the bank that it is not your obligation. It may not be, but rather it is still your commitment to see that the installments are on time. While you co-sign, realize that right now, your credit assessment is helpless before the individual that you have chosen to offer assistance.

When he defaults, it can truly spoil that lodging credit application and keep you from purchasing that fantasy house. Keep in mind, take incredible consideration in choosing who to ensure for, as it has extreme outcomes for your own credit. Continuously compute your remarkable obligations at to get the right thought.

Today guarantor loan are regularly one of the first points of call for individuals with terrible credit searching for unsecured loans. While it is difficult to discover a guarantor, it’s a great deal less demanding and less expensive than the vast majority of the terrible credit loan options, especially the payday loan specialists who regularly charge APR’s well more than 10 times additional. So they are less expensive, they permit individuals to help their companion or adored one and they give individuals access to credit that generally may not generally be able to.

Kinds of Bad Credit Loans

Poor credit is a disadvantage to many people. Not only does it make your credit rating look bad, it will also hinder you to get loans from big companies. Worse, it will not ever let you apply for loans again. Although there is good news for those who have bad credit ratings, and badly need to loan immediately: this is in the form of bad credit loans.

Bad Credit Loans are helpful because it allows people with bad credit rating to still be able to borrow money despite their poor credit performance. Those people who usually need loan have bad credit ratings, so there are now loans which can help them to get one. Another good thing is that bad credit loan application can be seen all over the internet, thus making it easier for people to process their application online. If you want to get a bad credit loan, there are several kinds of bad credit loans that you need to know so that it will help you be well informed about your decision when getting this kind of loan.

One kind of bad credit loan is the logbook loan. The logbook loan is a secured type of loan, which is secured against your car. The logbook, which is the legal documents of the car, will be in the possession of the company. Once you pay your repayments successfully, you can have it back. But if you fail to do your repayments, the company will have the right to claim your vehicle. Your car which will be checked by the company agents will be the collateral for your loan.

Another kind of loan is the homeowner loan. This is also a secured type of loan. In this loan, the property being secured against will be your house. This is usually negotiated with the company because it deals with income tax returns and bank statements. Also, the value of the property will be dealt with. As long as you have a property in UK, you can avail of this kind of loan. This loan also has a longer term of repayment, which is 5-25 years. You can have lower interest rates depending on some value factors. You need to be able to pay the repayments of your loan especially when it is a secured kind of loan so that your property will not be claimed by the company.

Another loan would be the guarantor loan. This is an unsecured loan. This needs the presence of a guarantor, who can be anyone but your spouse. Anyone who does not have financial relation to you can be a guarantor just as long as he or she has a good credit rating. In case you are not able to make your repayments then the guarantor will be the one paying your debt. But when you have successfully paid your repayment, then there will be no problem with your guarantor. To know more about other kinds of loan, visit to get more details.

The help regarding the trust deeds and debt advice

Debt advice is absolutely necessary from the qualified experts if you wish to lead a stress-free life without worrying about any debt. For doing this, the first thing that you need to know is what will be the right solution for your debt? This can range from normal money advice to bankruptcy. And within this range, one of the major solutions is known as IVA for the people of Wales and England or Trust Deeds for the people residing in Scotland. The trust deed is actually a binding agreement that takes place between a creditor and the debtors. To manage your case, a licensed insolvency practitioner will be appointed to you.

The trust deeds are entitled to such persons who are not able to pay off the debts and thus to avoid bankruptcy, this agreement is formatted. This deed enables the debtors to reach an affordable monthly income even after securing the expenditure of repayment for the creditors. The trust deed will be for a period of 4 years and when an agreement is reached, it is the responsibility of the trustee to take care of all your debts, income and expenditure since all the assets are handed over to the trustee. With the completion of the deed, the debts will be cleared off and you will be able to start a fresh life again.

But there are certain factors that need to be maintained before making the deed a protected one. These factors include the following:

  • The trustee must put up a notice on the Edinburg Gazette.
  • The creditors need to be informed in writing that you are actually petitioning for the protected trust deed.
  • And lastly, the creditors must be provided with a copy of the Edinburg Gazette notice.

After this, the creditors will have 5 weeks for objecting to the terms and conditions starting from the date of publication of the advertisement or notice on the Edinburg Gazette. It will then become a protected deed if less than one third of the creditors object. But if more than one third of the creditors object, then you shall have to make a petition for sequestration. But sequestration will be allowed if you owe more than £3,000 and also you were not declared bankrupt in the last five years.

The protected trust deed can only be used when there are absolutely no other means of obtaining debts, and the debtor does not want to be declared as bankrupt. You can also offer the trustee a part of your income so that it helps in paying off the debts and it is a fact that the more amount you are able to pay, there are less chances of your assets being sold. The trustee has the rights to sell the property for paying off and this is the reason you need to take the decision very carefully. You can opt for help at regarding the debt solutions.

How to go bankrupt if you are living in Scotland

Bankruptcy is generally seen as a step of last resort to wipe off your outstanding debts from your books and start your life over again. While it may seem to be quite appealing to simply get out of paying the huge debts that you have incurred in the past few years, there are several restrictions associated with bankruptcy to ensure that this legal recourse is not misused.

In practicality, bankruptcy is resorted to only by those individuals who simply cannot afford to make even the monthly instalments on their debts and they have no chance of improving their financial condition in the near future. For the best advice on debt management after being declared bankrupt, you can simply log on to to consider your options of re-organizing your finances with the help of experienced professionals.

Procedure for going bankrupt

The only way how a person can legally go bankrupt in Scotland is for the court to declare him so. A court can declare a person bankrupt under three circumstances:

  • When the person himself feels that his financial burdens are too great for him to even make a living for himself and there are no chances of improvement, he can move an application of bankruptcy in the court.
  • When the creditors of the debtor feel that he is not capable of paying his debts in the near future, and that his assets can be used to recover the money due to them, they can individually or jointly move an application of bankruptcy in the court.
  • When the debtor has entered into an Individual Voluntary Agreement with his creditors to pay monthly instalments of debt to an Insolvency Practitioner and he defaults on his payments or breaks other terms of the agreement, the Insolvency Practitioner can also move an application of bankruptcy in the court.

Consequences of bankruptcy

After being officially declared bankrupt, the debtor is no longer under obligation to pay the debts he owes to his creditors. However, this does not imply an absolute discharge of his liability to pay the debts. If the debtor owns assets in the form of land, property or other movable assets such as a car or jewellery, they can be sold off by the creditors to realize their debts. Some other consequences of bankruptcy are as follows:

  • If the debtor has any unsecured debt, that is, he has borrowed money against which he has not given any asset as security, that debt will be completely written off, without affecting any asset that he currently possesses.
  • A bankrupt person gets legal protection from further recovery action by the lendors. Moreover, since the debtor no longer has to pay monthly instalments on his debt, he can use the money for his other living expenses without any legal restrictions.
  • For secured debts, i.e. the debts against which assets were given as security, the creditors are free to sell off those assets to recover their debt amount. However, if the sale of an asset results in an amount more than the debt amount, the balance should be given back to the debtor.
  • The debtor who goes bankrupt in Scotland also has to follow a set of bankruptcy restrictions. These restrictions include limits on the creditworthiness of the debtor, his capacity to enter into new business relations etc. The debtor has to follow these restrictions for twelve months.